danger units

Total danger units endured:
Buy It For Life



  • Water now renders more waterlike :)


  • Upgrades that use mouse are now default to right click so you can still pick things up and put them down
  • Added achievements
  • Moved game text to right side
  • Fixed spawn position bug in water drops
  • Added colors to the right side info bar
  • Revisited Trash functioning.
  • Added control key to the control panel


  • Upgrades now split based on buying it once vs. multi-purchase
  • Upgrade Description is now a hover bubble
  • Hover text now lets you know which upgrades have been purchased


  • Spinner color now changes appropriately according to speed
  • Added support for multiple spinners
  • Spinners now moveable/can freely move
  • Water Cannon now much more powerful
  • Starting to add right click context menu.


  • Added spinner
  • Spinner now starts and stops when you click


  • Updated nail images to be more detailed
  • Added Water Cannon option


  • Major optimization to drawing so that they don't just draw points.


  • Fixed bug where game info on right wrapped
  • Trash now appears in the active upgrade list
  • Water now drops from mouse as opposed to a geyser from the ground


  • Toggleable divs now show up in upper left
  • Unpurchaseable div images are now centered
  • Trash Button moved to configuration panel
  • After a long battle with water, decision was made to keep it as is. Rendering in webGL is too intensive
  • Right click to remove the active upgrade
  • Optimize some images to decrease load time
  • Added save/clear capabilities with cookies
  • Devmode now dynamically turns itself off and on
  • Fix bug where rockets would not move if they were asleep


  • Move game text below the game
  • Move upgrade description
  • Add Carbon Nanotubes
  • Added time-modification
  • Change number of upgrades in row


  • Made hover description not clickable
  • Added blowtorch upgrade


  • Add batch deletion via right click with trash
  • Add text that appears from textbox
  • Add movable text as div/body


  • Add draggable trash so it's easier to delete objects


  • Add paintbrush
  • Add text below mouse to describe what mouse is doing
  • Format upgrades that you buy once so that they properly activate/deactive
  • Add shortcut keys to nailgun, paintbrush, and trash
  • Remove max rocket count
  • Make bloobs deletable
  • Handle deleting rocket properly
  • Change 45-lb plates to be circles instead of square bodies
  • Format accessory upgrades so icon highlighting formats properly
  • Remove nailgun from next to mouse; it was too distracting


  • Make circle objects actual circles (make the fixture a circle, body a circle)
  • be able to delete nails
  • Make space mode be zero gravity

9-1-2014 Onward

  • function to randomly get a place on screen where an object can generate. Then apply this to all objects that spawn.
  • Add picture for sprinkles
  • Add Picture to plate
  • add picture to random object
  • Make beans can legitimate picture
  • Make brick legitimate picture
  • Make querypoint get the topmost image
To Do:
  • Make bifl upgrades a different color if they are mouse-related
  • Danger is from time passed, multiplied by a factor. The factor increases as you get new achievements. New achievements are below upgrades.
  • resize images for faster load time
  • get proper highlighting working for multi-use items
  • When you delete an item that is nailed down multiple times, make the nail dissapear (for each body, go to each joint, for each joint, find all attached bodies (which would be the nail) and delete that body as well )
  • drag and drop eraser
  • Add boots to christmas mode
  • Christmas mode--hat with dampening to distance joints> http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2012/09/21/step-by-step-creation-of-a-box2d-soft-body-blob/
  • add lights to christmas mode
  • make fireball do something
  • Change background inside cave
  • Change mouse to be hand on things you can click so it's more intuitive
  • make n toggle nails
  • Add each leg as separate rotating entities
  • Add knees to legs
  • animations for when he's in the air
  • Adjust weights and densities of giraffe
  • Add more items
  • Add custom html to each upgrade
  • Ceiling Fan, poorly constructed ceiling fan,proximity mines, grenade,rockets attached to body,waterelon (explode when close to body),crabs(latch onto body)
  • Confidence Booster increases with visual upgrades
  • At some point, the canvas stretches out below and he can fall through so he is always falling down into it
  • store progress in cookie
  • add balloons
  • load all images first
  • http://thecodeplayer.com/walkthrough/html5-canvas-experiment-a-cool-flame-fire-effect-using-particles
  • http://www.emanueleferonato.com/2012/01/17/create-real-explosions-with-box2d-adding-textures/
- save your progress (automatically done every 60 seconds)
- clear all progress (everything will be lost)
nail gun
move rockets
lock two objects
[space] deactivate mouse upgrade
Right Click:
Use Upgrade OR Options